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The Silver Otter's Jewelry Collection spans from delicate gold filled ruby necklaces handmade in California, to bold moonstones set in elegant Balinese sterling silver. Whether made in Bend or around the world all of our jewelry is high quality and made by hand.

Fair Trade Crafts  

When an item is Certified Fair Trade it ensures that artisans are being paid a fair price for their work. Artisans are given an opportunity to earn a living through local traditions and modern practices. It supports self-reliance, community, and sustainability in impoverished countries, and improves the quality of life for struggling artists. We house an assortment of Fair Trade items from Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Tibet, India, Nepal, Morocco, South Africa, Madagascar, Haiti, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Bali, Thailand and China.

Stones and Crystals

We carry a wide variety of tumble stones, specimens, crystals, freeforms, and much more. We carry the largest selection of tumblestones in Oregon! A few of favorites are labradorite, moonstone, malachite, smoky quartz, sugilite, moldavite, and aquamarin.Make your own necklace using our tumble stones and cage pendants!

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